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To view a few of our beloved cavies click one of the above snapshots !

Jordan Hollow Cavies is a small , select hobby caviary located in the heart of the Niagara Region 20 minutes from Niagara Falls. We have bred and shown in the fancy since 1973.. We are strong supportes of our favorite "home Club" The Ontario Cavy Club, plus  enjoy our outings with the New York State Fanciers, and other "local" ACBA based clubs. After a devastating fire in 1996, we have persevered and rebuilt our breeding stock blending our remaining bloodline with some of the finest stock in Ontario and the USA. 
Many thanks to our dear friends in the fancy who came forward and supplied us with stock to rebuild. We now specialize in Smooths (Americans) and Self Crested, concentrating on parti's (Brokens) Selfs, Agoutis & Roans, We do keep a few solids to round out our breeding program. We enjoy the challenge of breeding "intense colours" but "Rainbows" are a favorite 

Recipient of the "Biomedical Research Award" and "Animal Health Award" from the American Veterinary Medical Association